• In Praise of Coffee

    I was surfing through random sites when I came across an interesting list. This is one of the best pieces I have ever come across that extols the virtues of being a coffeeholic. Read away and ...

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    In Praise of Coffee
  • Welcome to Kape Kultur

    A very warm welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Kape Kultur, a blog on all things coffee, owned by Shirley Parabia. This is a website entirely dedicated to the love of that awesome "cuppa java". To ...

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    Welcome to Kape Kultur
  • The Mayonnaise Jar and the Coffee

    According to NationalCoffeeDay.net: "There are 111 million of coffee drinkers around the world consuming more than 440 billion cups of joe every year. And the numbers keep rising." Definitely more ...

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    The Mayonnaise Jar and the Coffee
  • Enjoy the Coffee

    Java madness continues with the launch of this website! Here is another inspirational, coffee-themed piece that I found on ye olde hard drive. It was originally shared with yours truly around eight ...

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    Enjoy the Coffee

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